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Surrounding information

It is a useful introduction page for restaurants near the inn, coin laundries, banks, supermarkets and others.

Neighbor convenience book

  • Restaurant

    It is an introduction of delicious shops in the surroundings that can be reached on foot, cheap shops, special shops, shops that can be eaten at midnight and so on.
    • From restaurant to tavern

      Restaurant Map

      Japanese, were Chinese, Italian, steak house, a family restaurant, noodles, buckwheat, from the restaurant leading to the fast food, the main recommended far from tavern to the nearby while eating while drinking on the map.
      It's surprisingly cheap compared to the downtown area, so long-term stays and repeaters are happy with the area, so let's find a store that you like with a map.
      There are many shops that can not be placed here.
    • Stake no Mansei

      It is a well-known shop in Tokyo as “Niku no Mansei”.
      You can enjoy a meat-based meal at a reasonable price.
    • Izakaya

      20. ginkgo
         A small restaurant next door. Because the father is alone, the price is reasonable, but because it is small, it is always regular and often crowded.
      twenty one. Aggressive Ginji
         A seafood tavern that is open 24 hours a day. It is on the cheap and popular Yamakawa.
      twenty two., Umimon Bar, Well
         It's always crowded, so I haven't confirmed it yet.
      twenty three., Root and
         It opens only in the evening, but you can take out a 500 yen cutlet.
         Of course it's a tavern, so there are both drinks and snacks.
      twenty four., Six souls
         Shot bar. It is characterized by a store-style storehouse that has a good quality.
      twenty five., Auxiliary
         Yakitori and stew are on sale at a restaurant that has been around for 60 years.
      26., Untitled
         It is a bar that sells Fuguto and grilled salmon.
      27., The shop
         A new shop in front of the adjacent Nishidai Station (or 8 minutes walk from the inn).
         Shizuoka Oden is recommended.
    • Japanese Food

      1., Bar shop
         Nishidai Station is a bit far from Nishidai Station, there are all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, so it is recommended for big eaters.
         As there are many types of Japanese food and many women and groups, it is worth traveling.
      2., Rinin
         A restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine near Nishidai Station.
      3., Tengu
         It is a shop on the second floor of the second traffic light from the inn toward Nishidai Station. Because there are a large number of audiences, there is almost nothing that you can not enter.
      Four., Oiso
         It is a specialty store of chanko cuisine.
  • Parking

    • Parking Map

      Neighboring coin parking

      There is a lot of coin parking in the neighborhood, and it is a cheap area where customers say "Is it a mistake for one hour?"
      Competition is intense, but there are also price differences, so we are offering a coin parking map to those who came by car.
  • shopping

    • It is considerably cheaper than the city center because it is a bed town.

      Supermarket·Drug store·Duty-free shop

      Supermarket/Shopping Centre:
      Drug store:
      Duty-free shop: You can go on foot, but Mega Donki 5-minute walk from the next station, is a large duty-free shop. Because shopping centers are often cheaper than tax exempt prices, it would be better to compare prices.
  • Lifestyle book

    post office·Bank·Coin Laundry, etc.