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shower room

Common space

The shower room, the toilet and the washbasin are on the left side of the elevator.

In order to make guest room wider and easier to use, we transferred unit bus from room to shared space.

    The shower room can be used at any time 24 hours a day, shampoo, conditioner and body wash are provided.
    It is on each floor, there are only four rooms on one floor so there is not much to crowd.If you have a user, you can also use the elevator to move to another floor.
    There is a small rounded light at the upper corner of the shower room door and the shower room is lighting by the human sensor, so when it is unmanned it is becoming dark or it turns out to be the light of the orange in the shower room when forgetting to erase it Whether it is inside or not is to be understood from the outside.

    In the common space, shower room and toilet by gender are arranged, and on the opposite side are two large washbasins with large mirror.
  • Wash basin

    We have two wash basins in each of the 4 floors.
    We also have a dryer.
    There is a paper cup holder, so please use it freely for tooth brushing and drinking.
    Outside the lighting by the human sensor, there is also a light switch on the side of a big mirror, and in case you make make-up etc. it can be made brighter further.
  • toilet

    Since the toilet is a fully automated washlet, you can clean it with a comfortable posture.
    At the same time as entering the room lighting will light up and the toilet cover will open.
    When boys are to be used, please use the "toilet seat open / close" button to raise the toilet seat.
    Other than that, when you finish using "washi" or "bidet" push the washing button, take the moisture with the "dry" button or toilet paper, stand up and leave the room, the washing of the toilet bowl and lowering the lid are all It is done automatically.
    Please use functions such as washing water pressure, temperature, toilet seat temperature, massage washing etc. as necessary.