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  • Breakfast of big premium croissant and heap salad

    I baked a premium · croissant fabric using AOP isnie butter imported from France, for breakfast, but the taste and scent are quite different from ordinary croissant, so it is very pleased from everyone, buy it for a souvenir There are people who go home and there are many people staying at this breakfast aim.For German breaders you can change to German bread (Fokkacha and olive chabata or Kaiser roll poppy seed).
    A well-established Yamadori salad is provided as vitamin supplement as a source of health, mini tomato mainly based on lettuce, spicy crumbled radish, sweet with sweet corn as an accent.For people with few opportunities to eat regular vegetables and those with many business trips, "I'm glad that you can have a lot of salads when you come here."
    We have attached roast ham and scrambled egg as vitality source, but if you are informed of egg allergy or vegetarian in advance, we will correspond.
    As a fruit juice drink, choose from Apple 100% Juice or Orange 100% Juice, and finally choose Driff Coffee or Tea.