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Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the main inquiries received from everyone.

1. Are there pajamas and sleepwear?
     Unfortunately, we do not prepare it because there are few who need it.
2. Is there a hair dryer?
     It is prepared in the sink in each floor.
3. Is there shampoo and so on?
     Shampoo, conditioner, body soap are installed in the shower room.
     Face towels and bath towels are available in all rooms, and are exchanged daily with garbage on continuous occasions.
Four. Are there toothbrushes and shavings?
     We are not keeping room in the room because most people bring you, but we are giving it to the front desk at the front desk.
Five. Can I do the laundry?
     There are three coin laundries at 5 minutes walking distance.
6. Is there a curfew at the entrance?
     There is no curfew as keys of entrances can be opened and closed with the keys of each room.
7. Is there TV?
     There are not many unnecessary things for foreigners, as many people who use PC etc are also used by Japanese people.
8. Is there Wi-Fi?
     There are routers on each floor.
9. Could you keep my luggage in the early morning or after checking out?
     I am keeping it, and we also ship to designated destinations.
Ten. Can I apply for reservations or booking tickets for transportation facilities and facilities / accommodation?
     Net · We arrange for only what we can do by phone.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

03-5939-8688, Mobile phone: 090-6929-2883

From 6 o'clock to 24 o'clock, when there is no answer of the office telephone, please call the mobile as it is out.